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Finding Sunshine Within

How do we figure out life? I mean really let's take a moment and think about this...
School teaches us the fundamental mechanics of how to navigate careers, and how to wager, play hardball and survive in the cut-throat world of work and success, but the entirety of lives from birth to adulthood are spent preparing for life as working adults who can positively contribute to society and very few realize that emotional health is just as important.
Well for me after about twenty-two years of worrying myself to pieces over being a prepared, responsible adult, it all got old--emotionally anyways. I got to the point where I was just functioning in my everyday life, and like many people, I was terribly unhappy. There were not enough pep-talks in the world that I could give myself about accomplishing my degree, working in my field, or being an independent "educated black woman" that would make me emotionally satisfied with my life.
Soooo I did the unthinkable. I bought a sketch pad …

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