Boots Botanics Day Cream

So let's just say, with my dry skin I have tried more than my fair share of moisturizers; many of which I didn't like and ended up exchanging for something else. So I would say I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to moisturizers.

I received this beauty in my Influenster Spice VoxBox and I was actually happy to try it. Boots Botanics has been a collection that I've been eyeing in Target, and they actually are the parent company of many of the brands that I already love such as No.7 and Soap and Glory.

When I first tried the day cream, I knew that during winter it wouldn't be heavy enough to last all day. Versus the dry air, it was too thin to last as an all day moisturizer, however it was perfect to use alongside other products or as a starting layer to seal in moisture after washing my face.

Fist things first, I cleanse, exfoliate, and tone and then I begin sealing in the moisture and freshness of my skin by applying any needed beauty serums, spot correctors, and/or acne spot treatments (as needed for those random breakouts).

I mix this in with just a little bit of Yu-Be moisture cream to add a little more weight and coverage to the day cream during the winter months. I absolutely love the different aspects of both of these products, and they really compliment one another to make the perfect winter moisturizer. Overall, I love the day cream as a pre-makeup moisturizer. It is heavy enough to deliver ample moisture, but not so heavy that it will ruin the makeup that I normally apply on the top.

I can't wait to try this for spring and summer when the air is dewy and there is more humidity. I think it's going to be one of my absolute favorites for spring and summer.




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