The Weighting Game

Let's Start with a little back story ...

I've been struggling with my weight for about the last 7 years. For me that struggle has slowly manifested itself in many different areas of my life. I've never really experienced a decline in self-confidence, but more so a decline in my normally personality traits. I've become more self-conscious, more critical of myself, more emotional; I mean the normal things all women go through LOL, but we normally only deal with it once a month or so, not all of the time.

It was when I noticed myself "hiding in plain sight" that I knew it was really taking a toll on me. Withdrawing is completely uncharacteristic of me and I realized I've been completely in denial about how I really feel about my weight, and more importantly how it is affecting my desired quality of life. Everyone's struggle is unique and we all deal with it differently. For some people their struggle with weigh is hinged upon what others find beautiful,  the idolization of public figures, or what mass media defines as beautiful or ideal. For me this struggle has been more so about how my weight makes me feel about myself. More often than not, I feel lethargic, tired, moody, worried, just completely out of whack. So I'm doing this series of blogs in hopes that it will help me, but more importantly I hope that it will also help someone else.

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