Not Your Mother's: Whip it Up Hair Mousse

Well I'm sure we have all experimented with products to see how/if they will enhance our daily/weekly hair routine. I probably have close to 20 different types of mousse in my hair product hoarding collection at this point (ridiculous I know lol); only 4 of which I actually really like. So, needless to say, when I received this product for free from Influenster, so that I could test it & provide honest feedback to NYM, I had already pre-written my generic "I didn't like this product because..." statement before even trying it.
So honestly, my only reason for giving it even half a chance was to give a cream mousse a shot. I have heard great reviews on the moisture factor that it provides across many brands. So what the hay; I did my normal shampoo, condition, deep condition & treatment and followed it with my weekly twist-out.
I incorporated the mousse to define my twist out after using Aunt Jackie's Curls LaLa. After separating my hair into small sections, I proceeded to two strand twist each section using the mousse. I did smaller twists, as I wanted it to come out very defined so that I could decide how much volume in the final stages of separating each twist.

To top off the fact that I loved the product and how it sealed in the moisture from the Aunt Jackie's, it smells absolutely amazing! My hair literally smelled like a whipped meringue pie for days. I would definitely give this product a shot! My hair tends to really hold water in it's natural state, so the mousse really helped to structure it while in the drying stages. Plus who doesn't love when their hair blows and smells like a five star dessert :)




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