Rising Through The Ranks

Life as a millennial is different than it was for our parents and grandparents. As a collective group, our goals, wants and desires are vastly different than our parents. Their goals to find a decent job with a great company that they could stay with for a few decades; to purchase a home, get married, and start a family before 22 ... Let's face it we are not the reflection of those goals.

Many of us have amassed college debts that our parents never fathomed and we are more likely to live at home because of this. We'd rather be self-employed and travel the world instead of purchase a home. Despite what the media shows, most of us are not in any rush to settle down or have kids. We are more in a rush to establish our careers and allow that to pave the way for the rest of our lives.

Lauren Hampton is the epitome of everything millennial; with her fav 90's show being Moesha and as the new associate producer on the award-winning show Divorce Court, she is truly traveling in the tunnel of success as she waves goodbye to her tenured stay as the associate producer for the Dr.Phil Show; but life in the fast-lane hasn't always been this breezy.

Starting out choosing a career wasn't always easy. Lauren told us, "Becoming a speech pathologist is my long term goals; this is just the path I've chosen to take to get there." A graduate of Clark Atlanta University prepared her for all that life would offer and post grad I'm sure that we can all agree college was 1000% worth it, but it was not always easy. Lauren's obstacles of test taking and class content were her biggest hurdles and she was well aware of the fact that a 9-5 was not for her. As far as next steps go, going back to school is Lauren's next step to becoming a speech pathologist.

While life has been a world wind: from moving from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA, to starting her career with the Dr.Phil show on April 8, 2013, to moving forward and working with her team at Divorce Court; there's nothing that can stop her, and reflecting back Lauren let us in on a great piece of advice that she lives by: "Choose what you love to do over money because nothing is worth more than doing what you love," and I couldn't agree more!!


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