Winter Skincare Routine

Hey loves! I have a new winter skin care routine that is finally live! Be sure to watch and let me know a few of your favorite skin care items for winter!

Products Used:

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser-
This is HANDS DOWN my favorite face wash for the entire year. It is really creamy and non-drying. I have combination skin, so something with minimum lather is perfect, but the best thing about this one is the removal of the product with the muslin face cloth. Because the cloth is so thin, I feel like it does a better job of actually removing the product versus just smearing it all over my face. The texture also helps to lift away dead skin cells without being too abrasive during the winter months.

Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream-
I wasn't to sure about this product when I first received it from Influenster in my Spice-Vox-Box last month for the simple fact that I have had a very hard time finding a moisturizer that is suitable for my skin in winter without being to heavy and one that also won't clog my pores. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It's ultra hydrating and very light. I choose to mix it with YuBe moisture cream in winter to increase the density and longevity because the air is so dry.

Elizabeth Arden (Normal) Refining Toner-
This is absolutely one of my favorite toners. When I first purchased it, I found it in TJ Maxx for only $5.99 and completely fell in love. That was back in July. I have seen it a few times since, so be sure to check your local TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. It has a very light, almost cucumber like smell to it, and it doesn't over-power the senses. It is not drying at all and I have honestly seen a very big difference when it comes to refining my pores.

Vasanti Brighten Up Face Rejuvenator-
I received this product in one of my Birch boxes a few months ago. Just as stated in the video if you have hyper-sensitive skin I DO NOT recommend this product for you as it is very abrasive for skin that may not be used to a regular exfoliation schedule. A pea-sixed amount goes a very long way with this skin rejuvenator. The best way for me to describe this would probably be a half-step above a exfoliant, and a step down from a chemical peel. It tingles and definitely penetrates deep intro the pores to help loosen any leftover make-up or clogged oils/sebum that you may have.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream-
I am a really big of Asian skin care products, simply because most of them are full of responsibly-sourced materials that come from the Earth and for me they seem more concentrated. This skin cream is exactly that. I very small amount covers my entire face especially when diluted with a thinner, light-weight face cream or SPF.

Barielle Beauty Serum-
This is a face serum that I just so happened to pickup in Sally on sale. It is one of the first face serums I have ever tried. I like it because its not overly fancy so it is something that I am comfortable using all of the time. I like to add it to my beauty blender when blending in my foundation as well as to my night creams. It does a great job in relaxing any problem areas and giving my skin a regenerated glow.




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