Get the Glow: Dry Skin Edition

Hey loves! This is my first official post on my journey to California and I am more than excited! I am in Michigan currently and needless to say, the dry air has taken a real toll on my skin. Just before the move I was testing out a few different serums and daily skin care oils to figure out which would work best for aiding in moisture retention and creating a protective barrier for the colder days and nights.

The hardest part about the transition has definitely been the increase in dry air. Michigan is significantly dryer than Atlanta, and the wind is consistently chapping my skin and lips.

I received this hydrating serum from Valentia and it has worked wonders for combatting the dry air and protecting my dry skin. The Royal Rose Hydrating Serum has healed my chapped skin in a matter of 5 day of use twice a day!!! The rich and creamy consistency deeply moisturizes and with added anti-oxidants it has really helped to aid my skin in the natural turnover process.

My favorite part is the fact that the serum also has several of my favorite oils as ingredients! Evening Primrose and Rosehip provide non-clogging and deep penetrating, healing and moisturizing benefits and really make my skin glow!

Because of the move, I have added a few more products to my skin care regimen to maintain supple, moisturized skin.

The Neutrogena Hydro Gel for dry skin is AMAZING! It literally feels like I sealed all of the moisture from my cleanser and serum right into my pores and the ORG Mineral peel is perfect for gently removing dead skin from any part of our body or face.

Hope this helps you guys!



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